My experience with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery was a beautiful one

My experience with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery was a beautiful one. I had been looking for over 3 months until I could find the right doctor for my breast procedure. It so happened that Dr. Chiu was the last doctor on my list before I was going to make the decision in picking my surgeon.
When I first came into the office I was greeted by Suzy the amazing receptionist. She was lovely and greeted me openly. Truly I was amazed because I have never received great customer service compared to the other offices.
From there, the consultation was going wonderfully because when speaking with doctor Chiu, he took me step by step of what would go on during the procedure and the correct sizes that would fit my body. Dr. Chiu is an amazing and talented doctor that took the time and answered all my questions but also made me feel comfortable.
From meeting with the doctor we met with Chammy who was very helpful with the planning of the procedure. Truly after meeting up with this staff I knew he was the right doctor for my procedure. I am so happy with my new breasts and have received wonderful compliments. I would be grateful for scheduling and doing my procedure with Dr. Chiu because he made me feel so happy with my body than I ever felt before.

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