The Best of Me which was released October 2014

Movies are a great way of entertainment, but learning of it is much better. A movie that has always caught my very attention is The Best of Me, which was released October 17,2014. This isnít just any romantic film, but a great novel. This movie was done in the city of New Orleans,Louisiana, right after The Warner Bros gained right to the novel in June 17, 2011. The film was directed by Michael Hoffman and written by Will Fetter and J. Mills Goodloe, within a budget of of $26 million. On the other hand, the novel was written by a New York best seller and great novelist, Nicholas Sparks. This story is based on the main male character named Dawson Cole and female lead Amanda Callier in their high school love story compared to the present life 20 years after. Amanda and Dawson once became lab partners during high school, and soon after they fell in deep love. Of the high school circle, everyone knew Dawson came from a family of criminals, whom would torture him every step of his life. Once Dawson stepped up to his father he had to choice than to find somewhere else to stay and landed in the hand of an elderly nice man Tuck Hosteller. While Amanda and Dawson dated, Tuck grew to love Dawson like his own son and both made each other happy. Since Amanda's family were extremely wealthy, her father was really upset of her being with someone who's family is involve with crimes. As much as Dawson wanted to attend college, he set himself back to do money, but that didn't stop Amanda to stop trying to get him into a good university. After many years later, they were both set to reunite after the death of Tuck, to honor his death after he set them up to take care of his ashes. The most interesting part of the movie and novel is that, after so many years they seem to still have a great connection even though she is married and has kids. Yes, many years has passed, but he was nearly killed in the coast of Louisiana working in a oil rig, when an explosion occurred.

Most people may agree, that a movie and book will always have it's differences, there so, I will explain each one of them. In the movie, Amanda is described to have two kids only, while on the novel she is written to have three children. As said, previously they were both reunited to pay respect to Tuck's death, but in the novel it takes place in a cabin and in the movie is in a old cottage. Another plot twist is that, in the movie it shown that Dawson accidentally kill's his cousin from his mother's side whom was an expecting father. On the other hand, in the novel it is told that Dawson accidentally kills a town doctor whom was an expecting father. In both sources Dawson is to serve four years in prison which breaks up the relationship between him and Amanda, as he insisted for her to go to college and leave him behind. Another difference is, that on the novel it is written that Dawson's meets the doctor's young son and protects him, but as he was saving him Dawson was shot by his cousin known as Crazy Ted. Meanwhile in the movie, it is shown that Dawson was killed by is own father after he chased him around town. Last but not least, Amanda's oldest son was involved in a terrible car accident and need a heart transplant as soon as possible. That same night Dawson was murdered in both sources and as a result his heart was donated to Amanda's son. The difference in this plot is that in the movie, after a whole year Amanda's son asks his mother to find out whom the heart donor was from, and on the book the son's asked two years later. This show's the different version of the same novel, but told my two different sources. It may have it's differences, but in the end is a great love story.