Pride and Prejudice is a movie directed by Joe Wright

Pride and Prejudice is a movie directed by Joe Wright and is based off of Jane Austens novel Pride and Prejudice, which she published in 1813. The main character - Elizabeth Bennet - is portrayed by Keira Knightley. Her love interest, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is played by Matthew Macfadyen. Elizabeths sisters - Jane, Mary, Lydia, and Kitty, are played by Rosamond Pike, Talulah Riley, Jena Malone, and Carey Mulligan respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are portrayed by Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn. Mr. Bingley, who is Darcys best friend, is portrayed by Simon Woods. Lastly, Mr. Wickham (Darcys ex-friend) is played by Rupert Friend. This movie was released in 2005 and has an estimated budget of $28,000,000.

I really enjoy this movie. The book its based off of is my favorite of all time, and before I watched the movie I was worried the director would change main parts of the book or get rid of some characters. I was pleasantly surprised. The actors and actresses fit their characters very well and played them excellently, and no characters were removed. Once I started doing research on this movie, I discovered that Joe Wright almost cut Mary from the movie, and Iím very glad he didnít because I really enjoy the way this film respects the novel that Jane Austen wrote centuries ago.

The storyline is very plausible and easy to understand. Its an interesting and sweet love story with captivating characters and a few twists and turns. Elizabeths character development though the movie is portrayed well and you can really see the transition she goes through as she begins to fall for Mr. Darcy. Kiera Knightley captures the essence of Elizabeth Bennet and portrays her incredibly. She captures the emotions and expresses them in a way that makes you feel the way she does and makes you feel for her. During the scene where Elizabeth is confronted by Darcys aunt because she fears Elizabeth is trying to seduce Darcy into marriage, Knightley beautifully schools Darcys aunt and shows the fiery and headstrong girl that Elizabeth is. In another scene, one after shes realized she loves Darcy, Elizabeth and Darcy run into each other, and Elizabeth is the flustered and nervous girl you never really thought she could be, but you believed it when Knightley acted it out. The first time I watched the movie, I didnít think Matthew Macfadyen fit the role of Mr. Darcy. The next few times I watched it though, I enjoyed him more and more each time. Matthew Macfadyen plays the proud Fitzwilliam Darcy well. The conceited look that shines through Macfadyens eyes during Darcys introductory scene captures the way Darcy thinks and feels. He plays the handsome bachelor who has trouble opening up and admitting his feelings well.

While researching this movie, I read that the director wanted to honor the novel written by Jane Austen and accurately portray everything she wrote. He did well. Some parts of the story are a little exaggerated (the Bennets money problem, for example), but I understand why. I believe with this movie Wright wanted to capture the story Jane Austen wrote and translate it to a new level so that more people could experience the story, and he accomplished that goal.

Overall, both the audience and critics enjoyed this movie. It received good ratings by both. Critics thought Joe Wright did a great job casting the show and adapting it from book to movie, and that Kiera Knightley did an amazing performance. The audience enjoyed it as well.

This is my favorite movie. I love the way that it matches up with the book, and I love the way that each actor or actress perfectly portrays their character. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I always get swept up in the story and the lives of the characters. I can relate to Elizabeth and I really enjoy the diversity of personalities in the movie. This movie is very enjoying to watch and an interesting and thrilling story.