Deadpool by Directors Anthony and Joe Russo

On Valentine's day of 2016, couples who were looking for a sappy love story like 5th Wave or The Choice, however, one of the biggest movies in the theaters Valentines Day was a raunchy swear-filled action movie about a former Special Forces agent that undergoes a risky experiment that gives him the ability to heal himself at will. This movie, Deadpool by Directors Anthony and Joe Russo, with the budget of about 58,000,000, managed to bypass the mainstream romantic-comedies and dramas that seem to take-over the theaters on Valentines Day, Deadpool came through and pleased both Marvel-fans and others alike. Also, with a cast lineup consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and Ed Skrein, it's a movie that proves to be hard to ignore.

The movie begins with telling the story of Wade Wilson, a modern-day "vigilante", as long as you consider viciously (and sometimes beautifully) assaulting stalkers and rapists serving justice, and begins to give the character the very cynical and sarcastic personality that is very prevalent throughout the film through various remarks and antics in the hideout where Wade is payed for his slaughters. Then, comes this beautiful woman that seems very out of place in this bar full of some rather unsightly people, and proceeds to win over Wades heart with her witty and cunning words and almost comically abusive childhood. Everything is going great, and Wade seems to be the happiest he could, until one night he faints, discovering he has lung cancer. This creates the first conflict in the movie, which is the inevitable death of Wade, which leaves the relationship of him and Vanessa in straits. One night at the bar, however, a very sickly Wade is met with a man who says to have the answer to all of his problems. Wade turns this down at first, but eventually decides to leave Vanessa and pursue him, after feeling as nothing but a terrible burden on her. Well, turns out that Wade was right the first time, and is kidnapped and put under horrific torture in order to literally change his genes over the course of several weeks.

Luck, (If you would call being tortured for days on end "luck") however, is on Wades side, and is able to eventually escape, leaving his body with the power to restore itself in mere seconds. However not all is perfect, as the escape had left Wades face in shambles, resembling decades-old leathery flesh. This leaves Wade with only one thing to do, become a super cool Superhero, because what else is there to do? Oh, and get his revenge, that too. So, Wade, after a lot of time and money, finally finds his Identity as Deadpool, and now we're brought to present day, where Deadpool is looking for the man that had done this to him, and presumably absolutely destroy his face, because Deadpool is all about class. After a lot of high jinks and poking fun at the Fantastic Four franchise, he finally finds both Vanessa and Ajax, aka the Scientist that has turned Wade into the monster he is now, aka the guy whose face is going to get destroyed. After a long and suspenseful fight scene, Deadpool gets the girl, is accepted for who he is (Which, props to Vanessa, if I was dating Ryan Reynolds and ended up with that 90-year-old avocado, I'd probably need to think twice.) and, of course, absolutely destroys Ajax's face.

Now, this movie was pretty well received, getting a score of 65 on Metacritic, and an 84 on RottenTomatoes, and many people will tell you that the movie delivered the ridiculous and offensive comedy that was promised to us. Now, the story behind the director of this movie is one of a lot of push back and rejection, but eventually, thanks to some leaked test footage and a overwhelmingly positive reaction, the movie was finally green-lit for the public. To me, when I watched this movie for the first time, it was one of the few movies for me that I was able to sit through the entire time and not get bored or lose any interest. This movie was able to completely hold my attention with it's smart-writing, creative plot, and great actors. Whenever someone asks for a movie recommendation, unless they're my mom or my pastor, I will always recommend this movie as one of the funniest and engaging movie of my time.