Heart and Souls review 2016

Initially, when the movie began, I really didnít know what to expect. I mean, how in the world would four people with completely different lifestyles (a thief, a single mom, a singer with no self confidence, and a regretful waitress) randomly meet up with each other and change each others lives? Well, that question was answered when they all had to take the same bus. I liked that the movie didnít have your average, run of the mill bus crash where awful traffic or bad weather conditions contributed to the crash. I thought that the idea of a perverted bus driver trying to catch a sneak peek underneath a girls dress while driving was equally funny and clever.

When the crash took place, I wasnít quite sure how to react. The movie effects werenít the greatest, but for a movie made in 1993, they werenít too bad either. However, I still donít know how the bus smashed through the k-wall and flipped on its side. The bus really wasnít going that fast. Anyway, the scene after the crash was the part that I thought was the cheesiest. Why would they randomly get selected to go be the guardians of a kid that was spontaneously born at the same time of the crash just a few blocks down the road? Also, why did the kid need more than one guardian angel? However, with all of the negatives that I saw about the crash, there was a part that I really liked. When Penny died and she started flying away, the first thing that came to her mind was her children. She didnít say why God, why me? Instead, without hesitation, she thought of her kids and the devastation that her death could bring to them. That really added some quality to her role of being an amazing mother.

I completely agree with the statement that it would be hard to act like you couldnít see one of the ghost characters when playing the role of someone who canít see them. However, with so many pedestrians shown throughout the movie, and the idea that every child gets a guardian angel, how come none of the ghosts saw other ghosts watching over other people. If they could all see each other, then why couldnít other ghosts be seen. I mean, there is a possibility that the ghosts would see other ghosts and just think that they were living strangers, but when going down the road you would think that you would see some other random ghost just chillin on the top of a car. While on the topic of ghosts just chillin on cars, I would like to point out how difficult it would be to sit on the top of a car and act like you are so relaxed. I think that it would be extremely difficult not only to keep a straight face, but a relaxed posture while the car was making turns. I thought that it was also a clever way to add to the realistic features of a ghost character. They would have to act as if they were as light as a feather and almost no outside forces would affect them.

Lastly, I would like to know why the bus driver came and picked them up to take them away. Why would the same perverted bus driver be there to pick them up and take them away to another child? After all of the years that the ghosts spent together getting to know each other, why did it have to be the same person that took them away from their living families to take them away from their metaphorical dead families? Are they going to be stuck dealing with the same bus driver for the rest of eternity? Does he take other ghosts to their eminent destinations? Also, why did God pick him to do the job? Even with all of these questions that I had left unanswered, I thought the whole plot of the movie is good. The idea of them trying to get rid of their biggest regret, or getting to see a long lost child of theirs through the body of Thomas was a really cool idea. I really liked the movie and I will more than likely end up watching it again.