Jurassic Park released in theaters in 1993

Jurassic Park, a movie that will go down as one of the best of all time. Released to theaters in 1993, this movie opened the eyes and imaginations of thousands of people young and old. Using state of the art animatronics and CGI, this movie was beautiful to the eye and struck excitement and fear into the hearts of all who watched it. Due to Steven Spielbergs creative mind, this movie struck gold in the box office bringing in over $937 million from its $63 million budget. Not only was the movie appealing to the eye, but the onslaught of talent brought in from veteran actors Jeff Goldblum(Ian Malcolm), Sam Neil(Alan Grant), Samuel L. Jackson(Ray Arnold), and Richard Attenborough(John Hammond), really brought the movie to life through their own spectacular acting.

The beginning of the movie wasnt like any other movie; it starts off with the producer showcasing the movies special effects when a velociraptor escapes from its holding cage and kills a Jurassic Park Gatekeeper. Mind you this happens during the first five minutes of the movie so it already sets up the entire film to be a shocking, dramatic, thriller. The scene goes dark and cuts to Isla Nublar, which is the island 160 miles off the coast of Costa Rica where Jurassic Park was located. The filming for Jurassic Park mainly took place on Kaua'i, Hawaii, which provides beautiful scenery and the exotic vegetation that looks astonishing to the viewers of the movie. Although the island looks gorgeous from far away, it hides the bloodthirsty beasts that would soon destroy the very island that created them.

Although the scenery of the filming points was amazing, it wasnt the only thing that looked good on-screen. The CGI and animatronics were also a huge selling point to the movie because people hadnt seen anything like that before, ever. The gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex was animatronic. Meaning that 40 ft. tall beast in the movie was actually there on set with the actors. It looks so real that it even scared the actors who were on set. Jeff Goldblum said in an interview that, That T-Rex man, it looked more real that even a real T-Rex probably would, that thing scared me to death even when it wasnt moving. But those robot dinosaurs didnt come cheap either, they came at a pretty penny of $7 million dollars!

Just a fun fact about this billion-dollar blockbuster, Jurassic Park was based off the book Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton! Yes, most people know that. But, not a lot of people know that before the release of the movie and the book, Spielberg and Crichton were actually really good friends. Crichton told him about the book he had been writing and Spielberg loved the idea so much that he called Universal Pictures and asked for the movie rights to the book before the book even came out! Also, filming for the movie began before the book was released too! In most book/movie combos, the movie usually used the cover art from the book as the cover art for the movie. But, for Jurassic Park, Crichton actually used the movies cover art for his book!

Now lets talk money. Jurassic Park was filmed entirely on a $63 million budget. To most producers and directors that might sound like a lot of money to work with, but for Speilberg, it wasnt nearly enough. Spielberg claimed that he needs $20 million more added to the movies budget in order to get the full effect he was seeking. It was not granted to him, resulting in loss of what he said couldve made Jurassic Park the, Best movie man has ever seen. Many people might wonder what he couldve done with the extra money he had asked for. Could he really have made that movie so good that it would really go down as the best movie ever created? Well, all of that extra money wasnt needed to make the movie a fortune. With the $63 million budget, the movie broke multiple box office records and brought it over $1 billion reeling in a $937 million profit!

Overall, the movie never had a dull scene. Every scene was perfectly woven into the next making the entire movie flow smoothly. Also, the movie was very easy to follow. Unlike most movies where you have to critically think about what is happening or you get lost every now and then, it wasnt that way with Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park laid everything out for the viewers. It gave them plenty of backstory and left little to no audience members in the dark about what was happening throughout the movie.

The movie struck fear into all those who watched. It gave the viewers a glimpse of the power of the dinosaurs and what life was like 165 million years ago, all in a movie. It was amazing, the overall movie will always go down as my favorite and nothing can even come close to it. The life-like dinosaurs brought excitement into my childhood and life into my imagination. Not only do I love this film, millions of other people did as it broke attendance records at over 3,000 theaters in the United States alone. Spielberg got what he was looking for. He wanted a movie that would be remembered forever, and Jurassic Park, will never be forgotten.