My favorite movies is Baby Boy

One of my favorite movies is Baby Boy, it's about a young man Jody played by actress Tyrese Gibson. In this movie Jody doesn't want to grow up in become a man. He's sheltered by his mother, whose house he lives in.

This relates to society today because many young people are living off their mothers beyond the age they are capable of taking care of themselves. The movie review in the New York Times article Be a Man? But Where Are the Role Models? by A.O.

Scott the reviewer criticized how in this movie it depicts how African Americans have limited opportunities for growth based on the limited chances given to them in their environments they grow up in and the choices they make. They don't have role models to show them how to be man.

In Baby Boy Jody doesn't have a father, so he don't know how to be a man or how to get a job and take care of his responsibilities. Similarly, in a movie review done by a consumer, the consumer criticize how Jody is infantilize because in the beginning of the movie it starts off with Jody being in his mother's womb as a grown man. This shows how the infant state is willingly embrace and give young adults a reason to refuse responsibility. In both these articles it demonstrate how young African Americans men have no one to guide them, which leads them to be infantilized by their mothers.

Since mothers don't have a man to help raise their children, they spoil the young man to the point where he believes the mother is suppose to raise him for the rest of his life.Furthermore, in many African American community the parents dont motivate the kids to get a job or to be successful. They sheltered their children which cause them to lack responsibility and to be dependent. In sheltering children it leads them to become lazy, lack motivation, and develop poor relationship skill. Jody is a clear example of this. Throughout the movie you see examples of him being lazy which shows by him not having a job. He shows his lack of motivation because he doesn't attempt to get up in look for a career. He does find a temporary job, but he doesn't keep it for long. Also, he shows his poor relationship skills with his baby mother, instead of them talking about their problems he have sex with her to make her forgive him. However, in creating this movie John Singleton wanted to show how many young men lack responsibility and are stuck in the niche that society pushes them in. They don't attempt to pursue the The American Dream or create a better life for themselves. Many African Americans end up in jail or dead. In Baby Boy Jody says multiple times how he doesn't want to end up dead or in jail and that he wants better for himself. Even though, he says this several times, he doesn't do anything to make this happens. Now a days many people claim they want better for themselves, but they dont take the necessary steps to improve the conditions they live in. They either niche off relatives or steal to get the assets they have. Similarly, Baby Boy depicts how young men have several baby mothers and then have their mother basically raising the child. In Baby Boy, since Jody didnt have a job his mother provided financially for him to take care of his child. In the movie review by Robert Ebert he talks about an author from the Sun Times who writes articles on absent fathers and man sharing. He brings up this point to emphasize how Jody isnt there for his children and how he have more than one baby mother. The movie reviewer wants the world to know this isnt acceptable, but society have come to the point where they accepts this and believe it's acceptable, that many young man follow this path. Also, Jody is shared by his baby mothers when he is mad at one he goes to the other one. This shows how his mother infantilizing him cause him to develop poor relationship with women and have no respect for them. In contrast, one consumer views Baby Boy from a different perspective. He doesn't see Baby Boy as showing it just how it is, but instead as being racist and sexist. He believes the movie depicts woman as being the reason for man downfall and black man as being useless. Since they are useless men should be sent to war to die for their country. But the consumer doesnt believe this is true, they view this movie as being a stereotype against the African American community. The consumer believe the African American community have more to offer than whats being implicated in this movie. Similarly, another reviewer agrees the African American community have more to offer, but she believes the way to escape your environment is through education which isn't mentioned in the movie not one time. The only way they offer growth is through getting a job. The reviewer feels going to college should've been stressed more. On the hand this movie depicts how African American men are infantilized in their communities and have limited room for growth.