The story of Chris Kyle and his heroism

One of my all time favorite movies is American Sniper, the story of Chris Kyle and his heroism. The American Sniper was directed by Clint Eastwood. Bradley Cooper played the honoring character of Chris Kyle. His wife being Taya, was played by Sienna Miller. Chris had a brother named Jeff Kyle who was acted by Keir O'Donnell. When Chris Kyle went onto his tours he made some friends very easily. A couple of them being, Marc Lee played by Luke Grimes and Biggles played as Jake McDorman, both being fellow Navy Seals. Some additional characters are Wayne Kyle acted by Ben Reed. Wayne was Chris Kyles father. Mustafa was played by Sammy Sheik. Mustafa was an elite Iraqi Sniper that killed Americans, civilians and police. The Butcher was played by Mido Hamada. The Butcher was one of the main people that Chris Kyle was chasing in his four tours. American Sniper was released in 2014 with a budget of fifty eight point eight million dollars spent but the box office brought in five hundred and forty seven point four million dollars. I will be completing this essay by first analyzing the story, performance of actors and finally the vision of the director.

Clint Eastwoods biographical study of Navy Seal Chris Kyle - a sniper credited with over one hundred and sixty confirmed kills, the most in U.S. military history - of the Iraq War. The movie traces Kyles journey through four tours of duty in Iraq, mixed with deep battle sequences and snapshots from his chaotic relationship with his wife and children. The plot of the film begins with some scenes of Kyles childhood and young adulthood; and it begins to pick up with Kyles decision to stop living the life of a rodeo star and instead enlist with the Navy Seals. Kyle also meets his future wife during this time. Then, post 9/11, the war in Iraq puts Kyle to work as a sharpshooter, and the film depicts his skills in this area as almost unnatural. From this point, the arch of the film essentially follows Kyle across his missions as a sniper. An important element is his face-off with an enemy sniper Mustafa, who Kyle does manage to take out near the end of the film. One of the major developments that the viewer sees across the film is the fact that Kyle gradually seems to become more and more unstable and dangerous as his tours in Iraq progress. This is related both to the increasingly unclear nature of Kyles accomplishments, the psychological and moral stress experienced by Kyle as a result of not being able to save everyone he would like to have, and the morals associated with being responsible for the deaths of an increasing number of human beings. These factors contribute to Kyles inability to adjust to civilian life upon his return home and he begins working with wounded veterans primarily for healing himself. This seems to be working until the very last scene of the film. However, as the subtitles at the end reveal, Kyle was eventually shot and killed by a deeply disturbed veteran who he was actually trying to help.

Bradley Cooper has given his greatest performance, to date, in American Sniper. He completely disappears into the part. It isn't just the physical transformation - the forty pounds of muscle that he put on for the role. It isn't just the the west Texas accent he took on that completely hid his Pennsylvania accent. It's the eyes - the haunted look they take on. Sienna Miller did a wonderful job as Taya Kyle. Showing us what its like for families when their loved ones are gone saving the world. Jake McDorman as Biggles and Luke Grimes as Marc Lee did a great job working with Cooper representing the military procedures and walk through's that society does not see. Eastwood has consistently and publicly expressed opposition to the Korean War, the war in Vietnam, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But he has also, throughout his career and films, supported the men and women that serve. That's the kind of movie American Sniper is. It is in no way a pro-war propaganda. It is a film that shows the horror of war but the nobility of the people we send to fight it.\

With what I have seen so far half of American Snipers audience is arguing that this movie is terrible because its a fictional, propaganda and ignorantly made movie. On the other hand, the audience says that the realism was phenomenal and portrayed brilliantly. Some say its the best war film seen since Saving Private Ryan. Critics say that the film American Hero is a devastating pro-war and anti-war movie, a somber celebration of a warriors happiness and a sorrowful lament over a warriors alienation and misery. American Hero is a great movie, showing us the life of the military overseas and the lives affected by that as of the families.